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Amazing vegetables #5 Nettle

abril 05, 2018

Amazing vegetables #5 Nettle


A summer walk through high grass in fields and meadows can well end in stings on your legs. How many times have you seen the rash appear on your hands? Well, it’s the price you pay for picking wild blackberries or flowers. Those harmless bumps are how your skin reacts to nettle sting. Grandma used to say they are good for you. So what is so special about this plant?

Nettle sting is no pleasure. Your skin burns and itches, and tiny blisters and redness start to appear. It's amazing how a plant can defend itself. “Hey, I don’t want to be touched or picked, don’t eat me!” But if the plant has developed a protection system like this, it must have something to hide. It’s precious. Well known and used on farms for centuries, today it is winning back people’s palates. Because stinging nettle is very nutritious. It is extremely rich in vitamins, microelements and minerals.


An edible weed

Nettle can be found in every homestead, in fields, forests and meadows. It overgrows neglected beds, spreads easily and grows quickly, like a weed. It is a popular fodder plant. Animals like it and eat it when it no longer stings. It serves people too. The most healthy part are young nettle leaves, which are used to make infusions. Although nettle burn is not very dangerous, it can be unpleasant. Nettle stops stinging when it withers and dies.

photo: Nettle smoothie made with LYO ORGANIC POWDERS

General cleaning

Nettle is great at cleansing the body of toxins. In the process, it also acts as a gentle diuretic, supporting the treatment of the urinary tract. It positively affects the work of very important organs, such as liver, pancreas and stomach. Its green colour comes from organic chlorophylls. Eating nettle should be like breathing for us. Infusions from young nettle leaves are used to strengthen the body and get rid of harmful residues in the digestive system. Due to the high content of valuable minerals, calcium, silicon and iron as well as vitamin K, it plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells and proper functioning of the circulatory system. Vitamin A supports natural immunity and is essential for healthy eyesight. The high content of vitamin C protects the body against infections, and B vitamins improve intellectual performance, playing an important role in the work of the nervous system. Folic acid, one of B vitamins, deserves particular attention. It is extremely sensitive to thermal treatment and it’s needed by all body cells for proper growth. Stinging nettles are a rich source of folic acid, but it’s impossible to eat fresh leaves while they still sting. Fortunately, cooking them briefly right after picking solves the problem.

Nettle cleanses and protects the kidneys, and is excellent for treating anemia.

photo: Nettle Curry vegan meal

From the homestead to the plate

A dish that makes full use of nettle’s nutritional qualities and taste had its premiere in early summer. You don’t have to take our your word for it, but the nettle is really delicious! Try our aromatic vegan green curry, developed together with the excellent climber Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll. He knows what is good and healthy! We developed the recipe and cooked it together with Sean and had a great time in the process. It would not have made sense without the fun, anyway! 

Thanks to our unique freeze-drying process, our LYO nettle organic powder has a very high content of nutrients vital for the body. You can add it to any, preferably already prepared dish. Enriching your diet with LYO organic powders is an excellent and tasty way to stay healthy. We are looking forward to spring and the young shoots of new nettles. Never mind the pain. Go green!


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