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Amazing vegetables #1 Spinach

February 16, 2017

Amazing vegetables #1 Spinach


We all know the story about Popeye the Sailor who was extremely strong, thanks to spinach. Each can of green pulp he ate, caused immediate growth of his muscles and gave him superpowers, so he won every fight with bed guys.
This funny cartoon made everybody think that spinach contains huge amounts of iron, which was the reason why Popeye was so strong. Unfortunately, it was a mistake, which became a nightmare of many thousands of children fed with disgusting, overcooked, slimy mash from the can.
All of that happened because of the one unfortunate excessive “0” added by mistake in an iron amount number in the table of nutritional value of spinach.
Lucky for us, those dark times have passed! Despite this, spinach is still considered as one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet (not because of an iron, though). We are offering you delicious looking, brightly green, appetizing freeze-dried powdered spinach, which will never remind you about the slimy mash from years ago, and its nutritional value will surprise you! And you can use LYOFOOD spinach powder in a thousand ways in the kitchen.


Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is worth a closer look – if you think that it’s considered a leafy green, you are wrong! Spinach belongs to a family known as amaranth (Amaranthaceae) or chenopod (Chenopodiaceae) family – same as beet greens and collard greens (chenopod family) or quinoa and amaranth (amaranth family). Spinacia oleracea can be found in many varieties including three groups: savoy, semi-savoy and flat-leafed. Additionally you can find spinach in different colors – from green to purple.



Thanks to the green color, in spinach we can find chlorophyllone of the greatest and healthiest substances occurring in nature. LYO spinach powder, as well as nettle and kale powders, contain lots of chlorophyll – to obtain a maximum benefit we recommend using these three powders.
Chlorophyll is the ‘green blood’ of plants, because its structure is similar to the hemoglobin – very important protein which adds the color to blood cells and carries the oxygen to every tissue in the body. Thanks to this, chlorophyll increases the structure and properties of human blood, and in the co-operation with the iron and vitamin C from spinach, helps in the treatment of anemia. This ability is very important for sportsmen, because they exploit their organisms and blood cells much more than average people – they need more oxygen in their body.
Chlorophyll absorbs the sunlight and transforms it into energy. It becomes a sort of a magazine of a solar power, which helps to strengthen the body.
What is important to people who can’t avoid stress, live on the run and eat poor quality food, chlorophyll supports the function of liver and directs enzymes to produce vitamin E, A and K. Shortly, chlorophyll is the perfect tool to fortify your body: removes bad breath and bad body odor, removes drug residues, and prevents the intake of toxins by deactivation of many carcinogens (substances, which cause cancer) – it prevents cancer. It has an anti-inflammatory effect in any problems with the skin, mucous membranes (eg. throat, stomach, intestines), as well as joints or pancreas. It supports the development of beneficial intestinal flora – the key to good health and well-being!


Spinach contains high amounts of vitamins A and K, folic acid and protein. Chlorophyll has a power to synthesize vitamins E, K and A. These vitamins with high amount of folic acid, are very important in enhancing the immune system, proper assimilation of the protein from food, formation and repair of bones, teeth, hair, nails, skin, mucous membranes. Spinach is a good source of magnesium, and it plays an important role of the metabolism of calcium, which is one of the main components of teeth and bone structure. Both magnesium and calcium provide a soothing effect on nervous system.

In addition, vitamin A, together with lutein and zeaxanthin, contribute to improve the eyesight – this is particularly important for people who work a lot in concentration, especially in front of computer or while driving a car.


Keep in mind, that every green plant contains chlorophyll and many beneficial substances, which are similar to these ones found in spinach. Because of the content of oxalic acid, spinach could be bad or dangerous for people who have minerals deficiency, often suffer from diarrhea, have kidney problems, arthritis and thyroid problems. In such cases, we recommend other LYO powders: kale and nettle.


LYO spinach powder has a very neutral taste, slightly sweet and herbal. It provides high content of nutrients thanks to the lyophilisation in low temperatures. You can use this powder both in sweet and savory dishes! Add it to yogurt, shakes, cream cheese, soups, stews, cakes, frostings, pastes, wraps, pancakes, pesto, dressings, put it on salads, sandwiches, rice and other grains, pasta, and everything else what your imagination tells you.

Written by nutrition expert Dominika Molenda

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